Our Core area includes but not Limited to


And we also provide Additional services through our third party agents which includes:

We own and operate a jetty at NPA Kirikiri Lighter Terminal - 1 (KLT1) with a quay area of 6234 square meters and a water front of 91meters in length that can berth three barges at a time.
We are licensed by the Nigerian Ports Authority to carry out barge operations in the Lagos Pilotage District.
Our jetty offers a much sort after thoroughfare for easy evacuation of laden and return of empty containers to and from any of the terminals at the Lagos port.
We have the capacity to evacuate a minimum of 2000 FEUs and a maximum of 5000 FEUs every month We are well structured to deliver an end to end service to your esteemed organization in the evacuation of laden and un-laden containers.

We are open for operation daily between the hours of 8am and 6pm (Monday to Saturday) and sometimes night operations if we have a deadline to meet.
We have state of the art equipments (Crane, Reachstaker, Empty handlers, barges and Tugboat) to meet all your requirements and provide a top notch service.
Our terminal is open for you to carry out an inspection of our facility for on-the-spot assessment.
Our tariffs are quite affordable and in line with the industry standard which positions us as your ideal off-dock terminal.

Energy services

We’ve made a bold entry into the energy service industry, establishing ourselves as an integrated oil, gas and power company in demonstration of our technical capabilities, our company is currently executing a series of oilfield service contracts and power installation contracts in Nigeria.

We have invested greatly in acquiring premium equipment and training man power to aid in our services to you.
Wit over 150,000 trained service personnel nationwide and a transport network which spans various regions of the country we aim to remain top notch in our service delivery

Oil, Gas & Power

We have been able to develop a front line natural gas distribution network and captive power solutions, we boast of piping’s that distribute to both industrial and commercial users, with over 180km of pipelines already laid in Lagos state and an additional 15km laid both in Rivers and Bayelsa states.

We also take pride in the fact that over the past one year we have handled the installations and maintenance of over 12,000 electric outdoor transformers in various states of the federation. Electricity is quite important to us because it is a driving force in our Nation.

Power is a daily commodity and the average Nigerian consumes about 570 kilo watts of electricity annually. With about 5,550 mega watts of power generated annually in the country, and a population of about 150 million people we aim to join hands to double generating and transmission equipment on an industrial and commercial scale.

To further aid this we have been able to partner with multinational companies who are big players in the energy business, with subsidiary arms branching into infrastructure, construction power production and distribution, namely: Valmont industries, Bladt industries, Europoles. Per Aarslef A/S and a few more. These respective bodies have been a part of the power revolution, sweeping through Europe, America and Asia, making energy a commodity of necessity and not luxury, and we believe by our partnerships with these companies, we can achieve the same level of progress in the energy sector in Nigeria.
We are constantly taking bold steps to becoming the largest energy solutions provider in sub-Saharan Africa.


Our contraction division is available for third party projects that have to deal with energy supply to third party clients, site management and so on.

A few of our contractual projects include;

- Liffey Trust project
- Centre point retail park, Roscomon
- Pier D Dublin Airport
- Dunnes store Henry Street
- Retail Commercial / Residential Development
- Blackditch Drive / Claddagh Green
- Adams Town Railway Station
- Portlaoise Black C
- Refurbishment of Commercial Building Gracepark
- Multi Story Car Park, Waterford
- Sheltered Accommodation
- ESB Network Renewal
- Replacement of Overhead lines
- Orange phone Masts
- Renewal of water mains
- Construction of Rigid Pavement

Downstream Marketing

Our marketing division is solely responsible for the exposure of our oil & gas products, bringing the knowledge of our premium and unmatched service to you.
With several depots set up nationwide and cutting-edge strategies that sure to catch the eye of our numerous consumers.

Supply and training

We supply our products to a large scale of client nationwide, with a flexible and efficient transport network that gets product delivered to your doorstep, no matter your location in the country. With over 18,000 trucks in our network and an average of 36,000 metric tonnes of oil products delivered weekly, we are building an energy service company that literally brings energy, to you.

We trade in oil and gas products ranging from Liquified petroleum Gas, Gasoline, Dual purpose Kerosene, Diesel, Low/High pour Fuel Oil and Naptha, our electric energy arm is not left out as we also deal in sales, supply and installation of all sorts, of power generation equipment from step up/step down transformers, to high voltage 3 phase transformers and power transmitters ranging from voltage capacities as high as 6000 watts and as low as 220 volts.

So far, we have recorded and upward swing in our sales graph, with a total average of 1,440,000 metric tonnes of oil and gas products delivered, and over 12,000 power installations made both commercially and industrially over the past one year.